The Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2019

What is the host?

Before getting your hands dirty, you should consider some important issues in order to have a healthy website. All your website’s data and information are stored in a space where hosting services give you. Hence, you should wisely decide on choosing the most appropriate hosting company. All the basic settings such as database information, email configuration, data backup, sub-domain control, etc. place inside your website’s host. In this article we are going to talk about the best WordPress hosting services.

So, now that we decided to have a WordPress website, it comes up that how we should choose a suitable hosting company? What are the differences between these hosting services?


The best WordPress hosting services
Web Hosting Services

WordPress host

Now, we know the concept of the host and understand its importance, it is time to answer this question that “what is the difference between a WordPress host and a typical host? Actually, there are no many differences, but in WordPress hosts, the developers create a platform for the WordPress website to be run more properly and based on standards. As a result, these services present more practical and safe features to the WordPress website. Additionally, for installing the WordPress website on the host, only one click is needed! These services usually upgrade WordPress resources automatically.


The essentials

Every WordPress website needs some requirements to be loaded as:

  • PHP 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support

Therefore, any hosting service that supports these requirements may be a good choice, while we recommend you to use Linux services such as cPanel and DirectAdmin.


What is the difference between hosting services?

In addition to the type of services that a hosting company presents, you should pay attention to the potential, data usage and transferring of your website. But first, let’s take a look at different hosting service types:


Shared host: In this type of service, a single host stores different websites. If you own a beginner business, you can choose this kind of hosting service.

Dedicated host: These services are completely exclusive and your website is the only host. Hence, this type of service is suitable for views of more than 100,000 per month.

VPS: Virtual Private Servers are more powerful than shared ones. This option is the most popular option for improving shared services.

Cloud: Generally, it is so similar to VPS. In this kind of service, a particular network handles multi-servers. Consequently, this is why Cloud services are more stable and safer as compared with others.

Hosting Services

There are both Windows and Linux hosts that share services. Different control panels come with them while you buy your desired service.


Windows services support websites that were created by ASP or .Net programming languages and support MySQL database. However, there are some ways for installing a WordPress website on a Windows host. Different windows control panel are as follow:

  • Plesk
  • DoNetPanel
  • Helm
  • WebsitePanel

Plesk and WebsitePanel are among the best and popular windows control panels.


Linux hosting services are appropriate for websites with PHP programming language and MySQL database. For WordPress websites, it is recommended to use this hosting service. And now the Linux control panels:

  • cPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Kloxo
  • H-Sphere
  • VHCS

cPanel and DirectAdmin are two of the most popular control panels.


The Linux host
The Linux hosts are more appropriate for WordPress websites

What are the criteria for choosing the best WordPress Host?

In this section of the article, we will guide you to better decide on working with a hosting service. The below features must be taken into account before further activity:

      1.What kind of a host do you require?

Based on your aspiration the options will be altered. The amount of host disk usage, bandwidth, domains and sub-domain supports, etc. are the features that you should consider.

      2.What is the programming language of the host?

As mentioned before, considering your website’s programming language, the host should be selected. For example, a WordPress website could be installed on a Windows host but with difficulties, hence, it is recommended to use a Linux host service.

      3.Using reputable companies’ services

If you start your online business with an unreliable company, you may have trouble in the future. So, don’t forget to invest in this side in the first steps.

       4.The internal features of a hosting service

  • Standard ram and storage:Usually these features are demonstrated in a field table before purchasing a service.
  • Bandwidth and data transfer: If you predict a heavy load on your website as a result of crowded user visits, you should particularly concentrate on these aspects.
  • Email and domain settings: You should consider adding additional domain/sub-domains and email to your host.
  • Security: It is the most important section of a hosting service. The presence of bugs in a hosting service will make the situation hard for you.

The Best WordPress Hosts

Above all, before buying a hosting service, take your time and study the following instructions to have a better decision with less regret. As WordPress is a lightweight platform, most of the hosting services support its websites without loading problems, however using WordPress hosts is recommended.

There are lots of host provider companies with both different and similar special features. Therefore, before buying a service consider and compare those features and make your final decision. The following factors may help you through:

  • Host uptimes: Uptimes declares the number of host shutdowns and interruptions during the past year. Note that uptimes rate below 99.9 is not suitable for a hosting service.
  • Host high security: Security is always an important aspect. Your website will be simply hacked if the hosting company fails to maintain the security of your website.
  • Special support of WordPress websites: As more than a third of worldwide websites have been created with WordPress, every hosting company should have a WordPress specialist team for troubleshooting the possible issues.
  • Daily back-up: Another important feature of a hosting company is its backing-up plans. Based on your price, you can receive different data back-up plans (e.g. daily, weekly).
  • Suitable bandwidth: Different companies should present flexible bandwidths for different users.
  • Operating system and control panel: Linux is the preferred operating system for WordPress websites. WordPress hosts are based on the Linux operating system with embedded special features suitable for WordPress websites. cPanel and DirectAdmin are two of the most popular control panel of Linux Hosts.
  • Host speed: Consider buying services from companies with high-speed hosts. An easy way to investigate each host’s speed is to check their clients’ websites out.


And now let’s round off this article with an introducing of the best WordPress hosting companies.


1- SiteGround

By purchasing from the SiteGround hosting company, regardless of the plan type you have purchased, you receive the most updated speed technologies and security. Considering its unique support and speed, it is recommended as one of the best WordPress hosts, especially for those who expect great, stable, secure, and super-fast hosting services.

SiteGround hosting company


Outstanding features:

  • 649ms load time
  • 98% uptime
  • 10 out of 10 points for supporting
  • Starting at $3.95
  • Officially recommended by
  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Supports via phone, chat, and ticket
  • Free SSL certificates
Official Website


2- Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest and greatest hosting companies in the world that supports more than 2 million websites worldwide. It has supported the WordPress websites since 2005 and is recommended by the official website.

After purchasing WordPress hosting from Bluehost, different amazing features will come with it such as a free domain and SSL certificate, discounts on next hosting fees, automatic installed WordPress, and more.

Bluehost hosting company


Outstanding Features:

  • 689ms load time
  • 99% uptime
  • 9 out of 10 points for supporting
  • Starting at $2.75/month
  • Supports via live chat and phone
  • One-click WordPress install
Official Website


3- Hostgator

Hostgator hosts over 8 million websites worldwide and is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the internet business. They have a 45-day money-back guarantee in the case of not being satisfied by the service.

HostGator hosting company


Outstanding features:

  • 691ms load time
  • 96% uptime
  • 10 out of 10 points for supporting
  • Starting at $2.78/month
  • Free SSL certificate and domain included
  • Supports via email, live chat, and phone
  • Free website builder, one-click WordPress install, unlimited email addresses included
Official Website


4- GreenGeeks

It is the best green energy hosting service provider company that offers great WordPress hosting services with high security, reliability, and performance on SSD host. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and amazing full-time supports.

GreenGeeks hosting company
GreenGeeks: a green hosting company


Outstanding features:

  • 697ms load time
  • 92% uptime
  • 9 out of 10 points for supporting
  • Starting at 3.49/month
  • Free domain
  • SSD storage for a fast and high-performance website
  • More expensive as compared with other companies as a result of offering SSD storage
Official Website




In conclusion, we introduced the best WordPress hosting services to you and discussed different hosting services. If you know or have worked with any of these services you could inform us by your feedback. It’s time for you to tell us what are the best WordPress hosting services you know.

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