The Best WordPress CRM Plugins to Improve Your Online Business

The chief goal of any online business certainly is making money, and this business absolutely needs customers. Consider you have an online store and it is using WooCommerce. Leading users to your site and make them buy your products is the initial process of this goal. While involving them in your business and extend your relationships are of the most techniques in the business. There are several ways to do this. Like making videos and describe your products. Hence, the main goal is to have a suitable connection with your customers. This is the point where having an appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service could give you a hand.

CRM for wordpress websites
CRM for WordPress websites

What is and what isn’t a CRM?

First off, let’s talk about what a CRM is not:

  • Email inbox
  • Business supporting
  • Financial services for managing customers payments
  • Projects management tools

These are the concepts that are considered as CRM by mistake, but a CRM can be defined as all the communications between you and your customers with the objective of managing the interactions. From ideal website layout to saving customers’ data and making the purchasing process successful.

Standard and professional CRMs could help you improve your website SEO and maintain users into your site to decrease the rate of abandonment. Therefore, based on these explanations, having a CRM activated on your site seems obligatory.

A good CRM represents lots of data and features to analyze the customers’ attitudes as well as giving true supports to them. Nowadays, having a CRM on your website will distinguish your business quality far away from other online service companies.

Fortunately, WordPress as a powerful platform represents CRM services based on plugins. These plugins can be tracked by spending the lowest energy and cost. Simple technical structures, fast site performance, high flexibility for potential changes, the ability to add a variety of features to the site, etc. are the features that come with most of the WordPress CRM plugins.

What should be considered?

First of all, before buying or installing a CRM, the following features should be taken into account. These features are the chief ones that most of the CRM systems have:

  • Customer contact database – a CRM can store the contact information of the customers. A good CRM lets you customize your website to improve the income policies. Through that, you are able to gather user’s data and use them wherever is needed.
  • Sale funnel – creating a professional and suitable sale funnel can make you have a wider sight towards your customers which is absolutely important. While, receiving customer’s information allows you to have a much wider planning function.
  • Review – as soon as you have created your database and made your sale funnel, you can monitor your users to understand which products have appealed to the customers and which section of your website they like the most.
  • Analytics – this is the place where seems more attractive for the owners. The sales and financial transactions can be monitored with the analytic feature. Moreover, professional CRM allows you to analyze the customers’ personalities.

CRM plugins on your WordPress website will take you through an amazing journey

Managing the customer relationship can be easier by having a suitable CRM installed on your website. As a result, you can easily make a user to a potential buyer of your online products. Based on statistics, CRM can make your profit rises significantly.

In this article, we will discuss 5 popular WordPress CRM plugins.

  • UkuuPeople
  • WP-CRM
  • WP ERP
  • UpiCRM
  • WordPress Leads

1- UkuuPeaple Plugin (Free)

UkkoPeople plugin is one of the best crm WordPress free plugins
UkuuPeople for CRM on your WordPress

This plugin by sure is one of the best CRM WordPress plugins that concentrates mostly on simplicity. Having more than 1000 active installs, you can easily create a customer relationship system using the UkuuPeaple plugin. It is completely compatible with MailChimp, Google Apps, and Gravity Forms in which you can place your system. It is possible to create a list of your customers, their emails, and their groups. Moreover, you can manage supporting sessions with them.

Outstanding features:

  • Containing call points
  • Ability to build an email list
  • Managing support sessions with customers
  • Creating tasks for users (known as Tribes)
  • Tracking interactions with the customers page Official Website

2- WP-CRM (Free+Premium)

Did you use WP-CRM as one of the best WordPress CRM systems?
WP-CRM offers a free and a premium version

By WP-CRM you can suitably manage your customer. Having more than 4000 active installs, this free plugin is presented to do different tasks, such as gathering customers’ personal data, creating stunning forms, managing user signing in, categorizing customers by your desired filters, and so more. These features made this plugin a good member of Best WordPress CRM Plugins in 2019.

Outstanding features:

  • Organizing and managing users
  • Simply adding users
  • Creating “contact us” form
  • Managing notifications
  • Tracking user activity page Official Website

3- WP ERP (Free+Premium)

WP ERP is a member of the best crm WordPress plugins
WP ERP is a member of the best CRM systems for WordPress sites.

WP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a powerful management system (CRM, HRM, and Accounting) by which you can simultaneously control different tasks from a platform. Different data and records can be stored directly into your WordPress website. The plugin has more than 10,000 active installs and 4.5 Star rating which turns it to a great Customer Relationship Management plugin.

Outstanding features:

  • Multi-task management plugin
  • User-friendly
  • Creating the company profile
  • Full control and overview of different operations
  • Custom notification emails page Official Website

4- UpiCRM (Free+Premium)

Have you ever used UpiCRM as your website's CRM plugin
Have you ever used UpiCRM as your website’s CRM system?

UpiCRM is a free powerful management system plugin that has more than 2000 active installs and gained a 4.7/5 Star rating. You can divide users into groups, create an email list, and because of supporting Google analytics, it is possible to track your customer’s activity.

Outstanding features:

  • Being a free plugin
  • Compatible with form builder plugins
  • Simple user management
  • Professional dashboard
  • Assigning the lead to any of your team members
  • Exporting data to MS Excel or spreadsheet files page Official Website

5- WordPress Leads (Free)

WordPress Leads has more than 6000 Installed on WordPress websites.
WordPress Leads has more than 6000 Installed for WordPress CRM systems

With more than 7000 active installs, WordPress Leads is an amazing free plugin that you can easily create wonderful lead generation, management, and contact system on your website. It is a suitable framework for boosting your business.

Outstanding features:

  • Creating form by the means of an in-place visual form builder
  • Automatically collecting and detecting submitted data
  • Tracking the high potential pages that could bring more income for you page


In this article, we presented 5 CRM plugins that have good trends among WordPress webmasters. If you own a business you will definitely need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on your website. Consequently, It is important to regularly check customers activity, supporting demands, data transferring, etc. for having a more successful business to which people can easily trust.

If you have a self-experience of using any of the mentioned plugins, we will be happy reading your review and feedback.

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