How to secure a WordPress site? – 8 simple methods in 2019

Do you want to secure your WordPress in the best case? Follow our article to learn How to secure a WordPress site?

How to secure a WordPress site?

One of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) is WordPress. It contains more than 30% of all internet websites. As more people use WordPress, and it turns bigger, hackers focus more on it. They try to destroy it by their attacks. While you can never get site security up to 100%, but you can certainly shoot for 99% to secure your WordPress site. In this article you learn How to secure a WordPress site?

How to secure a WordPress website

It is not essential that what kind of content you publish on your website. Or how you write it. But in every time it may be attacked by the hackers, and you are not an exception. If you don’t take certain precautions, you may get hacked. You should and need to check the security of your site every time like others.

  1.  Secure hosting company
  2. WordPress Security plugin
  3. Make sure you have good backups
  4. Protect your logins
  5. Keep WordPress updated
  6. Disable file editing
  7. Install SSL Certificate
  8. Remove WordPress Version Information

In this tutorial, we will teach you how you can secure your website and take it out of the hacker’s danger.

Secure hosting company

The first step is to go with a hosting provider that is secure and has multiple layers of security to secure your WordPress.

secure host service to have a secure WordPress site

You need to save your money and after a while you can have a perfect hosting provider. A that guarantee your data and be secure for you. On the other hand, your website can be faster as bests.

Paying a little bit more money for a better hosting company itself is a saving data way that means additional layers of security that can automatically apply on your website. Another benefit of this is the speed of your site, and it can be lovely for users.

Some of the hosting company can provide daily scanning plan for your website.

WordPress Security plugin

We have said that reduce your WordPress plugins as much as possible, but it is essential that you guarantee your website in proper ways. One of the essential actions that you should pay attention to is to have a security plugin for your website. It can check your website for malware and useless things.

security plugins to secure your site

Secure plugins can scan your site 24/7 and check it about malware and monitors your site easily that what is happening on your website to secure your WordPress site.

You can use Sucuri as a high-security plugin. It can offer security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions, security notifications, and even website firewall for your site every time also you are not online.

Make sure you have good backups

Having backups is not a way for protecting your website, but it can help you exactly when you need help, and your site gets hacked by hackers, it is a good idea for you to have a backup of your relevant data that can rely on it.

Think about all the orders, profiles, records, logs, and any other vital data that is in your host, imagine if something causes a problem and the whole web gets hacked and deleted. It can help you ideally.

Protect your logins

If your site is public and everyone can access it on the internet, it is dangerous and can be harmful. Bots and fake people can easily access your website and content and maybe hack your should secure your site to prevent.

By default, WordPress allows you to go to or and should show you a login page. If you try on any of your sites and you get the login page, it’s highly recommended you use a plugin to hide where you go to log in. to secure your WordPress site.

WordPress has a general security that blocks attempts after a few failed attempts, in this case if a robot try thousands of time it can’t log in to your page, make sure you have a strong password for login to your page to be secure from robots and hackers, be sure that your username and password don’t be same.

secure passwords
secure passwords

Keep WordPress updated

I recommend that you should update your WordPress to the latest version. It can be itself a critical way of protecting WordPress. WordPress is a very powerful platform, and updates come out regularly for the guarantee of security and the features.

In every update, many new features and themes change, and it customizes your site, themes can give your site a very professional appearance in comparison with the last version.

Disable file editing

When you install your WordPress, you should check your dashboard. There is a code editor function that can be disabled. You should disable it if someone wants to edit your theme and plugin you should allow him. You can access it in this direction:
Appearances>Editor> Or Plugins>Editor
for disabling the ability of editing plugins and the theme file, paste the following code in your wp-config.php file.
define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

Install SSL Certificate

Every day Single Sockets Layer, SSL, is a benefit for websites that can be one of the security options that can protect your site.

In the past, SSL was urgent to make a site secure for specific transactions, like to process payments. But today, Google has provided the importance and provides sites with an SSL certificate a more weighted place within its search results.

SSL is something that process sensitive information for your site, passwords, or credit card details. Without using an SSL, all the data on your website and the users delivered in plain text and are readable by hackers. By using SSL, the security of data between their browser and your server will be safe and is challenging to read for hackers.

For using SSL, you should spend money. If your data is secure, you should use it. But if your information is not safe, it is not important that people use it or not.

Remove WordPress Version Information

The themes of WordPress websites used to output the version of WordPress automatically. They are harmful to your site. Because of that, the hacker can easily hack your WordPress because he knows the weak point of each version and can access the information easily.


The security of your WordPress site is a crucial part of your website that should pay attention. When you don’t pay attention to your website, hackers can easily attack your site and rub your data without your permission. Maintaining your website security is hard, but it is not impossible, you should try hard, and you can do it without spending a penny.

If you have any way to secure your WordPress site, please comment below.


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