How to install WordPress on cPanel manually (2019 full guide)

There are many hosting services around the world that you can choose to install WordPress on them, but if your host service provider offered you cPanel and you want to install WordPress on cPanel manually, this article is for you.

Installing WordPress on cPanel has two major methods:

  1. Install WordPress manually
  2. Install WordPress with Softaculous

In this article we have focused on installing WordPress manually. Because it is a bit more technical and might be difficult for beginners.

Fasten your seat belts! Because by following next lines which have a full instruction about how to install WordPress on cPanel, you are going to enter WordPress world!

1.      Install WordPress on cPanel manually

There are few steps for installing WordPress on cPanel manually:

  1. Download WordPress installation file
  2. Upload the file on cPanel and extraction
  3. Create database and database user
  4. Install WordPress


a)      Download WordPress installation

First step for installing WordPress manually is to download its installation file from Go to On top right of the page there is a button like picture below.

first step of install WordPress on cPanel manually
first step of install WordPress on cPanel manually!

In the next page click on download button. You’re download should be started.

Download installation file of WordPress from
Download installation file of WordPress from

b)      Upload the file on cPanel and extraction

You can use one of this two major methods for uploading installation file on your host:

  • Using FTP: With this application you are using a desktop application like FileZilla which is like picture below:
you can use FTP to upload wordpress installation file to your host
you can use FTP to upload wordpress installation file to your host

This method could be a good one but the problem is you need this application and it should be installed on your computer.

  • Using cPanel: We prefer this method because there is no need to have another application and you just can use your browser and it is enough for you.

Using cPanel

cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel that has many options. One them is to install WordPress for you automatically. Another great option is you can upload your files very easy. To install WordPress manually just follow instructions below:

  1. Log-in in your cPanel
  2. Open file manager
  3. Find the folder public_html
  4. Like picture below click on upload. upload WordPress installation file using cPanelupload WordPress installation file using cPanel
  5. Select the ZIP file you have downloaded from and upload it
  6. After uploading, select the zip file and click on Extract from toolbar
  7. It is important: Now you have a folder with name WordPress. Open it. Select all the files and folders inside. Click on move from toolbar. From the opened window, you can see the URL of the current folder which is /public_html/WordPress/. Change it to /public_html/ and hit the Move file(s). now you are ready.

c)      Create database and database user

Until now, we have finished first steps of installing WordPress on cPanel manually. It is turn to set up your database. Why? Because your WordPress need something to save your data on it.

  1. From your cPanel Main menu, scroll down to Databases part.for installing WordPress on cPanel you need to create databasefor installing WordPress on cPanel you need to create database
  2. In the next page, you need to choose a name for your database. Type it and click on create database.create username and password for databasecreate username and password for database
  3. Now it’s time to create username & password. To walk on secure side, do not use the default one. Create a new username and password. For password use the password generator. We just need this password for once. But keep it safe. Click on create user.
  4. It is time to enable the user to talk to database. Scroll down to Add User To Database. Choose your user and Database and click on Add.
  5. On the next page choose the All privileges and click on Make Changes.

d)      Install WordPress

Finally, we are here:

  1. Open your browser and enter your domain name. e.g. . The installation page will be shown to you.
  2. Choose your primary language and click on Continue.
  3. And next page WordPress tells you all the data you need to continue setup. Click on Let’s go!
  4. Enter all the data about your database and database user which created in cPanel.
  5. At Database Host just enter “localhost”.
  6. You can leave the last part but for more security reasons change it a bit. Click on submit.
  7. If everything is fine, at next page you will see a message and a button with Run the install. Click!
  8. At the final part you will see the Welcome page. You can enter all the information such as Site title and etc. Take care of your login username and password.
  9. After that you will be redirected to WordPress Dashboard. You are online!
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