How To Install A WordPress Plugin? + Bonus Tips You Need to Consider (2019 Guide)

Have you ever thought of installing plugins in WordPress? The plugins are important and exciting features of WordPress that made everything easy and handy. Every webmaster should be familiar with using different plugins. Therefore, knowing how to install them is essential. Hence, in this article, I am going to show you the various methods to install a plugin on your WordPress website. So stay tuned with this fundamental lesson.

How to install a WordPress plugin
How To Install a WordPress Plugin?

What is a plugin?

Plugins are types of scripts that we install them inside our WordPress core by which we introduce new features to our website. These plugins may be very simple or even complex; however, they could change the functionality of a specific part of a website.

Simply put, consider Android or iOS apps you install on your phone. These apps brings awesome features to your phone. Plugins could be the same in some ways.

Bonus Tips for installing plugins in WordPress

In selecting or installing a WordPress plugin, some tips must be remembered:

  1. Do not install tons of plugins. Because it may cause lots of Inconsistencies on your WordPress site.
  2. Always keep your activated plugins updated. The developers try to fix a plugin bug through time. Hence, by updating a plugin, you will decrease the chance of access failure.
  3. Use only trusted plugins. It is so easy to find valid and trusted plugins. You can fulfill that by searching for official websites such as
  4. Never ever install nulled plugins. In a full review article we have discussed about 9 reasons you must avoid installing nulled WordPress plugins.

Where can I find plugins for WordPress?

There are lots of websites that offer WordPress plugins. The most trusted one is the WordPress official website. Search deeply for your demanded plugin and check their rate and active installations. Then you can try to install a plugin on your WordPress site. In the following section, I will show you how to do that and install a WordPress plugin.

How to install a WordPress plugin?

Based on your situation, you have three ways to install a WordPress plugin:

  1. Install through FTP or host file manager
  2. Uploading a plugin to the admin dashboard
  3. Directly from WordPress resource

1. Install a plugin through FTP or host file manager

If you have already got the plugin file and downloaded it on your computer, you can send the file to the site host through an FTP account or directly through your host file manager to.

  • If you are using an FTP application and already have an FTP account, you should send the file and extract it in your website root (File Manager >> public_html >> wp-content >> plugins ).
Install a WordPress Plugin Through Host
Install a WordPress Plugin Through Host


  • If you want to use your host file upload feature, upload the plugin file and extract them in the correct root.

Now, by going to the admin dashboard and plugin menu, you can find the recently uploaded file. Activate it by clicking Activate below the description.

Activate a plugin after uploading it
Activate The WordPress Plugin After Installing It


2. Upload and install a plugin via WordPress admin dashboard

The other alternative method is to upload the compressed file directly to the admin dashboard from your computer. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • In the plugin menu, select Add New to direct to a window like the following image:
Click "Upload Plugins" To Upload A Plugin From Your Computer
Click “Upload Plugins” To Upload A Plugin From Your Computer


  • Click Upload Plugin and select the compressed file stored on your computer. Then, click install to install the WordPress plugin.
  • Next, after uploading and installing the plugin, click Activate for activating the plugin.


3. Install a WordPress plugin directly from WordPress resource

This is the easiest and straightforward way and is suitable when you know precisely what you are looking for. To do the job in this method, follow these steps:

  • From the Add New section in the plugins menu, write down your demanded plugin in the search layout.
  • Wait for WordPress to show the results. It has the ability to show similar plugins, as well. Through that, you can have a comparison between the plugins for a better choice.
  • After installing the WordPress plugin, click
Search For Your Demanded Plugin directly From WordPress Resource
Search For Your Demanded Plugin directly From WordPress Resource


With these simple methods, I showed how to install a WordPress plugin. Super easy, isn’t it? Please feel free to ask us any question about installing plugins for WordPress.

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