How to create a WordPress page? – (Based on WordPress 2019 release)

Let’s step on step backward! As a WordPress beginner you might not know what is difference between pages and posts? WordPress pages are static pages which you do not change theme during time very much. On the other hand, your posts will be edited during time and they will be published in blog section. Which means as time passes, they will go deeper and it would be harder to find them. We are going to talk about differences between posts and pages in future articles. In this article we want to teach you how to create a WordPress page.

To create a WordPress page, you have two options:

From top section of any page in WordPress dashboard, click on New > Page

How To Create a WordPress Page?
Create a new page from top section

From left side of dashboard, click on Pages > Add New.

How To Create a WordPress Page?
Create a new page from left part of dashboard

After choosing on the above options, Add New Page will be shown. This is an editor which is just like Post editor with a few differences in right side boxes. Do not worry, I will explain them all.

Here is step-by-step guide to create a WordPress page

Just follow bellow steps:

  1. Add title
  2. Add permalink
  3. Write your content
  4. Publish
  5. Page attributes
  6. Feature Image

1. Add title to create a WordPress page

Every post or page in WordPress must has a title. You can add your title here as specified in image below.

Add title if you want to create a great page in WordPress

2. Add Permalink

As you can see in the image below, you can add your desired link for any page. By clicking on EDIT, you can type your link. But if you do not add any link, WordPress will add the page title as permalink automatically.

Add Permalink in WordPress page
Add Permalink in WordPress page

3. Write your content

Editor Part in Add New Page
Editor Part in Add New Page

In the specified section you can add your content. Here are available options in this part:

  1. Bold: makes your texts bold.
  2. Italic: specify a small angle to texts
  3. Blockquote: If you want to write a quote use this button.
  4. Bulleted list: which is useful to specify some items in your texts.
  5. Numbered list: Useful when you want count something.
  6. Alignments: To specify alignment of your text. Which could be left, center or right.
  7. Insert links: To add link to a single word or sentence of your text.
  8. Insert Read More tag: isn’t it obvoius? 🙂
  9. Strikethrough: Cross a line one your texts.
  10. Horizontal line: Add a horizontal line in your text.
  11. Text Color: To change color of your text.
  12. Paste a text: Which is obvious 🙂
  13. Clear formatting: Clears any format you have applied to your text. E.g. bold words.
  14. Special character: To add special characters which are not available in your current keyboard. E.g. ♥
  15. Increase/Decrease indent: Helps to give a better understanding of your content to readers.
  16. Undo & Redo: To undo and redo actions you have done.


Now let’s talk about the right side boxes.

4. Publish

Publish Section to create a page in WordPress
Publish Section to create a page in WordPress

The top one is Publish box. Its items are:

  1. Save draft: to save your content before publish.
  2. Preview: to check how your content is going to be shown for our visitors.
  3. Status: to see your content is a draft or published.
  4. Visibility: to set who can see your content. Public is for everybody. Password protected is for people who have a password you gave them. Private is just for your site members.
  5. Publish immediately: When this item is available, as you click on Publish button, your page will be published immediately. But if you click on Edit and set a time in the future, the Publish button will be changed to As you click on Schedule, the page will be scheduled to be publish in the time you have set.

5. Page attributes

Page attributes
Page attributes

This box contains three different sections:

  1. Parent: you can add a hierarchy to your pages to make them more disciplined.
  2. Template: as you use a theme, there are some templates for different purposes. For example, for login pages, blogs, etc. You can select one of the templates to create your new page based on it.
  3. Order: Page are in alphabetic order. But you can add number to show them in a number order.

6. Featured Image

Featured image is an image which represent concept of your content.


In this article we have reviewed everything about creating a page in WordPress. If you have any question please feel free to ask us.

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