Do WordPress tags help for SEO? + 7 must-remember tips! (winter 2019 review)

Once forever, using tons of tags has not any positive impact on SEO. So if you have not enough time you can ignore to read rest of this article. But if you want to know answer of this famous question Do WordPress tags help for SEO, read rest of this article.

In last years, when Google was not smart enough and just checked the keywords, using the tons of the keywords in texts and tags was an easy way to get the best position in search results. But know? Definitely not.

To know do WordPress tags help for SEO I want to explain:

  1. Correct usage of tags
  2. Do not use too much tags
  3. Just one determiner for tags
  4. Do not use close similar categories for tags
  5. Use no index for tags
  6. Forget the legend of Meta Tags
  7. What do we do with tons of existing tags?

1. Correct usage of tags

Before answering question that do WordPress tags help for SEO, we need to give you a short explanation about categories and tags.

You need to know that there are no differences between categories and tags. Let me make it clear for you with an example. Imagine you have a news WordPress website. you have a category which is Sport News. And a sub category which is Football news. It is a big mistake to have the same tags. Like Football News tag or Sport News tag. You might ask yourself why? I have more chance to be on Google search results. But you are wrong. The content of Football news category and tag would be exactly the same. What will happen then? Search engines detect one of this pages as a duplicate for the other one. And for search engines this means you are spamming on your website. The result is they penalize you and your results will be shown at page 100 of Google search results.

Pay attention: tags and categories are for have a better taxonomy in your website. In this way you help readers and visitors to find what they want fast and easy. The best way to use tags in this example is to add tag for name of football teams you are writing about. You have written four news about Barcelona. You can add a tag Barcelona to those content which are about this team. And there is no need to make a new category for that. It helps your visitors to reach that few news which are about Barcelona fast and easy.

2.       Do not use too much tags

Do WordPress tags help for SEO? + 7 must-remember tips! (winter 2019 review)
Do not use too much Tags!

Let’s make it clear with an example.

There is a product page on your website about which is for iPhone pro max 512GB. You do every SEO point you know for the content of this page. Now it turns to tags. You add tags like:

  • iPhone 11 pro max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 2019 pro max
  • iPhone 11 pro max 512

WordPress will create a page for each of those tags. The content of some tag pages are always the same: the product you have defined for iPhone 11 pro max 512. What will happen then? Search engines see duplicate pages which have different titles but same content. Congratulations! You are a spammer now! Welcome to page 100 of search results. Now you know: Do WordPress tags help for SEO?

3. Just one determiner for tags

Do WordPress tags help for SEO? + 7 must-remember tips! (winter 2019 review)
One person should decide for tags

To solve the problem which is mentioned in previous topic, there must be just one determiner! The site owner or head of editor team, must define limited tags. Other authors are allowed to select few tags among those the head editor has defined. If an author wants to have a new one, it must be with coordinated with head editor. In this case the whole structure of site would not be harm. On the other hand, the website will avoid duplicate pages.

4. Do not use close similar categories for tags

To answer better to this question that Do WordPress tags help for SEO, we need to answer a main question: What happens when a user search something in a search engine? Search engines crawl in your pages. Your pages will be shown to users when they search a keyword. Search engines will show users related pages to those keywords. Imagine user search for recording cameras. You have a category of products in with this title. And besides that, you have a tag page with same title too. What will happen to your online business if search engines show users your tag pages instead of category pages with many products that might result in a good purchase?

And imagine a worst case. You are a spammer that search engines will not show you at all because of your duplicate pages.

5. Use “noindex” for tags

A very useful and simple method: set your tag pages to no index. In this case, search engines do not know your tag pages at all. Guess what? None of mentioned problems will happen to you. Isn’t it better?

You can set noindex for tag pages with so many plugins. But one of best ones we offer is Yoast SEO. Easy as drinking water!

6. Forget the legend of Keywords Meta Tags

Years before Google and other search engines turn to something very smart, they asked website owners to suggest keywords which showed them what is concept of their contents. Because they could not detect it by themselves. There was a HTML code which was “keywords meta tag” like this :

<meta name=”keywords” content=”metatags, metakeywords” />

Which does not important for any search engine anymore! But yet some webmasters believe there is such a thing and they use tons of tags as keywords which cause tons of problems as we mentioned before.

7. What do we do with tons of existing tags?

If you have a website right now with unmanaged structure you need a real surgery. Before any action you have to define a new structure for your website. Which includes limited categories and tags. To define the new tags and categories act very carefully to prevent all those problems which are mentioned. After that you have to redirect your old tag pages to new defined tags with 301 redirect. You can do it again with Yoast SEO. It might have a negative effect on your website SEO for a short time. But do not panic! If you have long term goals for your website, you will see its great results.


In summary, there are 7 tips you have to consider in using tags. To answer this question, Do WordPress tags help for SEO, you have notice to all of them. Please feel free to share with us and our readers any experience or problem you are facing with about tags right now. We are here to help you to build your empire based on WordPress.

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