The Best Booking and Appointment Plugins for WordPress

Numerous businesses need booking forms to allow customers to reserve for certain services. Hence, by your WordPress site, you can manage an appointment and allow your users to book and set an online appointment directly. In this article, we will introduce the best booking plugins for WordPress to you. So, stay tuned!

As you have already noticed, choosing a suitable plugin for a specific purpose seems complicated among all those free/premium plugins that are provided in the market. Hence, in the very following section, I will teach you how to choose an appropriate one, and then some of the best booking and appointment plugins for WordPress will be introduced to you.

What are the best booking plugins for WordPress
What Are the Best Booking Plugins for WordPress?


How to choose the best WordPress booking plugin?

Before going any further, let’s first consider the features that a WordPress booking plugin should have to fit our requirements. If you need a booking plugin for your site to enable your customers to have an online reservation for your services, you should keep these notes in mind:

  • Your booking form should have the ability to answer to the customer’s request for an available appointment time
  • The form must be responsive, i.e. it should work on different devices such as a mobile phone.
  • The WordPress booking plugin should be able to save the appointment requests and their date. Moreover, a good appointment booking plugin has the ability to keep the data in the WordPress database or calendar app such as Google Calendar.
  • A useful appointment WordPress plugin will send a notification email to you and the customers when the booking request is accepted.

Moreover, bear in mind that not all the plugins are suitable for your business and services. Some are practical for reservation bookings like hotels and restaurants, and others are built for managing appointment bookings.

You may use a plugin on your site to show a calendar and are not suitable for payment purposes. Therefore, these plugins are good for service providers who prefer offline payments.

Having said these notes, having a great user experience for your forms is the final filter after investigating their application. Now, let’s review the best booking plugins for WordPress.


What are the best booking plugins for WordPress?

In the following section, I will introduce 7 of the best booking plugins for WordPress, although most of them come with a free version but have been tested and are the best.

  1. StartBooking
  2. BirchPress
  3. Booking Calendar
  4. Bookly
  5. Easy Appointments
  6. WP Simple Booking Calendar
  7. WPForms


1.      StartBooking

Startbooking plugin for WordPress


It is one of the best booking plugins for WordPress that allows you to create appointment forms easily and add them to your WordPress site. However, for using StartBooking, you have to purchase the plugin.

It is entirely flexible and different features such as working hours, accessible days and time slots, distinct services and customers are customizable. Moreover, after customizing the form, you can display it on a page by a shortcode, or by giving the plugin the appropriate viewing page.

As a service provider, it is available to see and manage the complete booking forms in the WordPress admin dashboard. Furthermore, it supports Google Calendar to view set appointments on the calendar of different devices.

Official Website


2.      BirchPress

BirchPress one of the best booking plugins for WordPress


BirtchPress is yet another complete booking plugin for WordPress. By using BirchPress, it is available to create a specialized online appointment booking for the WordPress sites. The customers can directly set an appointment and pay for the services online through their credit cards.

Similar to StartBooking, this plugin integrated with your calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, Android, and more either. Hence, besides its responsive features, it allows you to remain updated with your appointments by their reminder and email notification systems. However, BirchPress is not free to use.

Official Website


3.      Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar a booking plugin for WordPress
Booking Calendar


It is the first amazing free booking plugin I want to introduce to you. Booking Calendar is one of the best booking plugins for WordPress in the market. It consists of a calendar for both you and your customers to easily add booking and appointment date and time on your WordPress site.

Although it is completely user-friendly, it has lots of professional features that make Booking Calendar a comprehensive booking plugin. Moreover, you can assign a built-in captcha to the booking/appointment forms in order to prevent spam and any penetration effects. page


4.      Bookly



Bookly is a comprehensive free booking and scheduling a WordPress plugin. As, it consists of different customizable booking forms along with online payment gateways, notifications, and Google Calendar support.

With more than 30,000 active installations, Booky is a flexible booking plugin for WordPress that is used for different businesses. Moreover, it is fully responsive for different devices. page Official Website


5.      Easy Appointments

Easy appointments is a booking and appointment plugin for WordPress
Easy Appointments


It is a flexible and complete booking and appointment plugins to manage your service appointments. It is practical for different location, services such as Lawyers, Salons, Cleaning Services, Doctors, and even more. Moreover, it comes with various features as being free, being flexible for different sectors, and lots of form field abilities. page Official Website


6.      WP Simple Booking Calendar

6.WP Simple Booking Calendar, a plugin for WordPress
WP Simple Booking Calendar


It is a simple booking plugin that can be used on pages and posts via shortcodes. However, it doesn’t support time slots, and only the entire day can be reserved. Therefore, it mostly is suitable for use as a reminder or a simple calendar, or further usage is practical for a basic room, accommodation, and other simple job reservation and booking. page Official Website


7.      WPForms

WPforms is the best contact form WordPress plugin


It is absolutely the best contact form WordPress plugin. In a different article, we introduced to you the best WordPress form builder plugins. There, we talked about WPForms and its features. It is a user-friendly plugin that you can use for building booking and appointment forms. However, it doesn’t support setting working hours. But the form can be integrated with Google Calendar. page Official Website



We introduced to you seven of the best booking and appointment plugins for WordPress. These plugins are suitable for building forms for different services such as Salons, doctors, job interviews, and so forth. We hope that this article helped you find the best one suitable for your business.

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