About us

Do you have dreams?

Recentwp team is here to make your dreams come true. Because we did it for ourselves. And now we are answering this question: We believe why we shouldn’t help the others to do the same? 

How we did it?

Very simple! By WordPress world. WordPress is free content management system (CMS) which helps you to run your website with no need to know how to code! Isn’t it nice? You can run your business and online store, present and promote your company and offline business, blogging and etc. You name it! Just like recentwp team!

How Recentwp will help you?

Recentwp is a website which is going to teach you everything you need in WordPress world to make your dreams come true by this CMS. Due to many years of experience in WordPress sites, digital marketing, coding plugins and themes , selling products in online stores, workshops and etc. we run this website and we believe all the contents you find in recentwp’s team website, will guide you to next level.

What is our content for you?

  1. Many of text contents about everything you can imagine in WordPress world!
  2. Free and Premium WordPress plugins.
  3. Free and Premium WordPress themes.
  4. Plugins and themes which have been coded by our coding team.
  5. Marketing tips and tools.
  6. Tutorials for search engine optimization (SEO)

Who are Recentwp team?

Our team consists of coders, digital marketers, SEO experts, and etc. But the main members are Ali Haji as the founder of recentwp and Amin Moosavi as recentwp’s manager.

How you can contact us?

If you need to contact recentwp team directly you can click here which guides you to our contact page.

You can also find us on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , Instagram , Medium , LinkedIn , Pinterest .
If you need to have any word with us or any suggestions about our themes and plugins , or even new ideas about making interesting themes and plugins, feel free to contact with us by any of mentioned ways.