6 Best WordPress Security Plugins (Winter 2019 Full Review)

Before talking about Best WordPress Security Plugins you need to know that there is no doubt that the most popular CMS in the world is WordPress. Which means most of the hackers have focused on it to find something to enter your website and ruin everything you have built. A few months before writing this article, a major attack has been done on WordPress sites that compromised thousands of them! They could enter from an insecure host, themes, plugins such as form and so on. But you need to know that this no means WordPress is an insecure CMS. Exactly the opposite! Because of millions of users around the world, lots of bugs and errors are finding and the wordpress.org fix these errors in future versions.

The only reason hackers are working on this CMS is the same reason. If they have a chance to find an error – that could be find in other CMSs too – they can enter to millions of WordPress sites and attack them! Here is the point you need to act. By using best WordPress Security Plugins, you will definitely immune your website and online business against all the hackers.

If you want to knnow more about WordPress security read out article about WordPress security checklist 2019 – (12tips of 2019 Winter).

Here is our list for 6 Best WordPress Security Plugins (Winter 2019 Full Review) :

  1. iThemes Security
  2. Wordfence Security
  3. Sucuri Security
  4. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  5. BulletProof Security
  6. Defender WordPress Security
#PluginRatingActive installations
1iThemes Security4.59+900’000
2Wordfence Security4.70+3’000’000
3Sucuri Security3.95+600’000
4All In One WP Security & Firewall4.52+800’000
5BulletProof Security4.50+70’000
6Defender WordPress Security4.70+10’000

1- iThemes Security

A great plugins which is one of the Best WordPress Security Plugins
iThemes Scurity

This plugin which formerly known as “Better WP Security” is a great choice to increase your website security. While the lite version has great features, we strongly recommend you to use its pro version that will ultimate to highest security level. If you need to use it for more than one domain, you have to buy more expensive plans.

Main features of this plugin:

  • Using reCAPTCHA
  • Compare your WordPress core with current version on wordpress.org
  • Enforces users to use complicated passwords.
  • Set “Away mode” to lock down your dashboard
  • Two-factor authentication
WordPress.org Page Buy $79.95


2- Wordfence Security

Have you ever used Wordfence security plugin on your WordPress site?
Wordfence Security

One of the most famous plugins in our list of Best WordPress Security Plugins is Wordfence. This plugin has an unbelievable rank of active installations which is more than 3 million!  Can you imagine that? This installation rate made a very good fame for this plugin in last recent years. Free version of it has good features. You can buy premium version that is starting from 99$ per year. But you can disable some of other features that makes it cheaper for you

Here are its outstanding features:

  • Scanning all files to find malleolus files
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User friendly
  • Monitor live traffic

3- Sucuri Security

sucuri is a great member of our best WordPress security plugins
Sucuri Security

The good news is Sucuri is a free security plugin. It has premium version too. But a lot cheaper than similar plugins. You need to consider that this not means it is not a powerful tool for webmasters. If you check WordPress recourse you can find out it has more than 600 thousand active installs. A nice record for this plugin! Developers of this plugin corporate with multi blacklist engines whichk makes your site even more safer!

Outstanding features:

  • DOS attack protection
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Firewall (premium version)
WordPress.org Page Start From $199.99 /year


4- All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is a great security plugin
All In One WP Security & Firewall

A great feature of this plugin is that it has a visual interface that makes it very easy-to-use for even new users, On the other hand it has 3 different categories for different people based on how much do they able to code! It means even advanced ones could use it easily!

You need to see its results by graphs? No problem! you can see all the results on graphs and all the metrics have been explained completely.

There are so many great plugins that protect you from comment spamming but this one could be your top choice!

Want to be more surprised? It’s all free! Yeah! 100%

Outstanding features:

  • Visual user interface
  • Reports by graphs
  • Free
  • Features in three categories
WordPress.org Page Buy $35


5- BulletProof Security  

do you have any experience in using BulletProof Security ?
BulletProof Security

There is no doubt that another great one in list of best WordPress Security Plugins is BulletProof. For example if you buy its premium version and you are not satisfied with protection services, there is a 30-days guarantee. So do not worry. Want more? Due to its developers claim, none of the 45 thousand website that installed this plugins, has been hacked in last years! BulletProof has a great user interface that makes it easy to use for all users especially for WordPress beginners.

Outstanding features:

  • Anti-hacking tools
  • Anti-spam tools
  • Log in and log out monitoring
  • Easy setup
WordPress.org Page Official Website

6- Defender

Defender Security plugin a good choice for WordPress
Defender Security plugin

As you install Defender on your website, it begins to add security levels to protect you from hackers. It might be new in this list but you have to be sure that it offers great features which makes it a true member of best WordPress Security Plugins. For beginning you need to know that it is all free. Of course it has pro version too but the free one can do a lot for you too. It also has two-factor authentication that strongly protect you from hackers who wants to enter your back-end with available usernames on your site. You can use their premium version with free trial too. Above of all another great option is that it compares your WordPress directory with current version of WordPress to find malicious files. Of course other plugins have this feature too but it is not a feature you can deny.

Outstanding features:

  • Google two-factor authentication
  • Add security levels
  • Compare your WordPress core
  • Free and trial premium version
  • IP blacklisting
WordPress.org Page Official Website


If you have read our full review about best WordPress Security Plugins, you might understand that there are so many plugins in WordPress resource which each of them has its own features. But we did our best to name for you the best of them. Also we have surveyed their most outstanding features. The most important thing you need to consider is that it is necessary to have a security plugin right after installing WordPress. Especially in some cases that you have an online business like running an store on WooCommerce with WordPress.

Due to our coding team and experience in using security plugins, we recommend for you to use iThemes Security plugin. Maybe you say that it has less rating and active installs than the Wordfence, but because of many security features which makes it stronger than Wordfence, we believe in next years it would have even more active installation rate.

If you have any good experience in using these plugins or other ones, we ask you to share it with us by commenting below.


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