5 Best WordPress CDN Services in 2019

Before start introducing the best WordPress CDN services, let’s take a look at the definition of CDN and its application.

What is a CDN?

What is a CDN?
The main question!

Content Delivery Network (CDN) as the name may imply, has the task of delivering your content and information to the visitor’s server. While practically by applying CDN into your site the speed of sending information to the user is increased and also the page loading speed will be greatly reduced as a result of load division into server caching system.

What exactly the CDN does for you?

  1. The Content Delivery Network supports all the worldwide network servers and when you activate this system on your site, your data will be stored on all of these servers and as soon as a user comes to your website these contents will be transferred from the closest server and won’t get involved with your own hosting server. Through this process, the loading speed will be increased significantly.
  2. CDN can support all of your images, CSS, media, JavaScript, pdf, etc. Which means it has a direct relation with your sites’s themes , plugins , forms and etc. Only the customizable texts and HTML codes will be written from your main server. This will reduce your bandwidth usage and the cost you pay regularly.
  3. There won’t be an impressing difference in page loading speed for you and anybody near your main server, while the main task of applying CDN service on your website is improving your page response for who is connecting your website from a spot very far from your server (i.e. a foreign country).

What are the main advantages of using CDN?

Let’s again recap the aim of using CDN service on the website and the advantages that come with it.

  • Improving page loading speed
  • Improving site SEO
  • Decreasing bandwidth usage and host traffic
  • Increasing the indexed contents of your site by Google crawlers
  • Easy compliance with WordPress

The best WordPress CDN services

In this article we will review 5 of the most popular and featured CDN services available for you to activate on your WordPress website:

  1. StackPath
  2. Cloudflare
  3. KeyCDN
  4. Amazon Web Services
  5. Sucuri

1- StackPath

one of the Best WordPress CDN Services is stackpath
Stackpath vs. MaxCDN

MaxCDN was one of the best CDN services with lots of unique features such as high-speed SSD drivers around the world. However, recently it has been merged into a new company named StackPath. But all the featured has been integrated into the new corporation and you can make use of its services as well as more PoPs compared to prior MaxCDN.

Outstanding features:

  • High-speed/high-capacity SSD drivers
  • Containing 45 PoPs around the world for wider and faster coverage
  • Improved cache control
  • Instant cache purge
  • Free private EdgeSSL certificate
  • One-month free trial for CDN only service

2- Cloudflare

one of the best CDN providers
Cloudflare as one of the great choice for using CDN

Cloudflare may be the most famous CDN service provider, and mostly because of its free CDN that is particularly appropriate for small websites. However, keep in mind that this service has limited DDoS protection and premium service is needed for more included features.

Outstanding features:

  • Compatible with WordPress websites
  • Numerous worldwide network servers for higher speed and caching features
  • Easy control and monitoring panel
  • Plans start at $20 per month

3- KeyCDN

keycdn has a great position among users around the globe

KeyCDN is a suitable corporation for WordPress CDN services while it offers pas as you go plans by which you pay for what you want to use as compared with those that offer monthly service plans. It may be a good option for small websites while you may be highly charged if have heavy traffic on your website.

Outstanding features:

  • Spread network worldwide (North America, Europe, and Asia)
  • Compatible with WordPress websites
  • Free and custom SSL, RESTful API support, and SSD servers
  • Featured control panel
  • Starts from $0.04 per GB – min $40 per year

4- Amazon Web Services

amazon web services is one of the many services they provide
Amazon web services as one of the many services they provide

Another free content delivery network is one of the most famous online and eCommerce businesses in the world, Amazon. Today, Amazon is not only a huge online store but a powerful and successful online service provider. These features are categorized as Amazon Web Services as well as its Cloud services.

The Amazon CDN service is called Amazon CloudFront which provides different services such as data delivery, videos, APIs with high-speed data transferring.

5- Sucuri

How much do you know about sucuri cdn services
How much do you know about Sucuri CDN services?

Sucuri is a well-known and popular security cloud-based corporation. It provides powerful firewall and CDN services to protect WordPress websites from DDoS attacks, malware, and other threats. Which turns it to one of the best WordPress CDN Services. It is a worldwide-supporting company and thus all of the users have access to the nearest server for experiencing higher speed.

By activating a Sucuri service on your website, you will receive continuous website monitoring and scanning for different malware and attack detection. As soon as an attack detection you will be informed by an alert.

Outstanding features:

  • Routine malware monitoring
  • SSL support
  • High speed and security
  • Starts at $9.99/month for a website


As discussed above, the loading speed will turn to a vital issue when your online store is based on WooCommerce and its plugins. Imagine a customer who enters your website and loading time is very high! They will leave your site immediately. And that is the point you must use the best WordPress CDN services available.

Based on the explanations, the top CDN service provider could be StackPath if considering all containing features that have come with MaxCDN. The claimed that they offer a wide range of powerful features for a reasonable price that could be activated for any WordPress website.

Next, we had Sucuri for those who mostly concentrate on the security of their websites. This corporation presents high-security services based on firewall and cloud proxy.

If you prefer a free yet powerful CDN service but with limited access, Cloudflare may be a good option for you.

In this article, we introduced 5 of the most famous CDN services companies to you in order to bring your website to an upper level. We hope it helped you find your desired one, so please inform us with your comments.

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