12 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best?

WordPress is a popular content management system, there’s no doubt that more than 65% of websites today, they all are built in WordPress. WordPress was built as a blogging platform initially, but now it has evolved into the largest and most versatile content management system which allows you to create a functional website and mobile application.

  1. Ease Of Use
  2. WordPress Is an Open Source
  3. Works Perfectly by SEO
  4. Have Easy Updates
  5. Easy Accessibility
  6. The most innovative
  7. Speed and Efficiency
  8. Multi-user Approach
  9. Reliable Security with Regular Updates
  10. Overwhelming Number Of Plugins
  11. Not One Hosting Provider
  12. Low Maintenance Cost
WordPress the best CMS
Why WordPress is the best CMS in the world?

ِDo you want to know why WordPress is the best in the world? Because more than 70 millions users use it as a popular Content Management System (CMS). There’s no denying that WordPress rules the web. This free web software is by far the most popular.

Let’s look at the numbers here:

It is used by 75 million websites, produces more than 65 million new posts each month, more than 40 million comments, and more. While the numbers are enough to tell the success story of WordPress, it’s interesting to note that the CMS takes up more than 25% websites around the world.

WordPress the best CMS
Find the best CMS

Why is it the most popular CMS in the world?

The reasons:

WordPress helps users create, manage, update and organize their websites and blogs by using a number of tools. Google Trends also reported that WordPress is 9 times more popular than others.

Talk about brands, and all the big ones use WordPress. First and foremost, it’s simple, easy and accessible. But there are many other reasons why the platform is so popular.

1- Ease Of Use

If you are already exploring Joomla along with WordPress, any WordPress expert will tell you that it’s the simplest among them all. It’s super easy to build websites with. No need to learn about those complex codes and programs. Users find it extremely convenient to change the layout and the content of the websites built on WordPress.

It is a Universal Platform and there is no doubt about it. WordPress is powering millions of websites across the globe. There is a standard dashboard for it which can be easily used by anyone. From its themes to tools and plugins, everything caters to audiences around the world.

WordPress Has a great Dashboard Which is very easy to use
A standard dashboard which is very easy to use

2- WordPress Is an Open Source

This simply means that you can do whatever you want with it. You can connect it to your own servers, extend it, download it and experiment with it the way you want. Interestingly, you can change it too.

3- Most important reason why WordPress is the best? : Perfect for SEO

This is the most important reason. WordPress is great for SEO.

All the features have been built to optimize your website for SEO. Look at its permalink structure, the option of making your URL keyword rich and all other options, and you’ll see how WordPress can make your website SEO rich. Any professional SEO services agency will suggest you to use WordPress for this reason

It also has a proper HTML markup. This works wonders for websites. Most CMSs do not have an effective HTML markup, which makes WordPress an exception. Apart from that, WordPress uses title tags and the headings in a clever way. In fact, the CMS produces optimized images.

You can use some free SEO plugins to create an XML sitemap. This is generated automatically. WordPress submits it to Google. You don’t have to do anything. You can control your title tags more with this. The CMS is majorly content driven which makes it even better for your work and business.

4- Have Easy Updates

For each software to work effectively, updates are a must. Apart from that, updating software plays an important role in securing a website too. However, unlike any other CMS, purpose WordPress is super easy to update and this can be done with a single click.

5- Easy Accessibility

Accessing WordPress is too easy. You can access it easily across all platforms. It uses free license server, which means you can install it conveniently on either Windows servers or Linux. It uses CSS and HTML with PHP to render web pages, which makes your website available on mobiles of all kinds.

6- The most innovative

When it is used by millions of users around the world, it’s the innovation that makes WordPress so stable in catering to such a vast audience. Any glitches are fixed immediately by the CMS and they frequently update their software and use superior technology to ensure safety.

7- Speed and Efficiency

If you are a user of this platform, you know it is popular for its 5-minute installation. Upload your pictures and content within minutes. This is a big reason why it’s one of the most loved CMSs today. You can adapt it any way you want, as many times you want.

8- Multi-user Approach

If you are a big firm, it’s easy for various employees within your firm to running a website and keeping it updated is no more a tiring task. The good news is, with WordPress, you can now make your site accessible to multiple users in different roles to keep it going.

With WordPress, you have different user roles like Editor, Contributor, Administrator, Subscriber, etc which allow people to access the website and ensure it is working properly even if you are unavailable. You can restrict their access too. Every role has a different responsibility.

9- Reliable Security with Regular Updates

WordPress is too secure. They know how much it takes to build a website, which is why they have come up with solid security measures to ensure that your site is protected from unauthorized access. The CMS updates its security tools to ensure airtight security. They use the best security plugins to make this possible.

They have a dedicated security team that works to improve security tools with newer versions of software updates. You can fix any issues on your website before they damage anything.

10- Overwhelming Number Of Plugins

You can find WordPress success to this single component. This is what make this humble blogging site move to the level of the most loved CMS. WordPress plugins are constantly updated and redefined to suit the needs of the changing times. These plugins operate autonomously and can be adapted to suit individual needs. These can be updated independently without really affecting the other components. These plugins make SEO easy, optimise marketing automation, modify new plugins, keep the website, pictures, etc updated without any interference from the user. Of course, the number of plugins is huge!

11- Not One Hosting Provider

You’re not use to one hosting provider.

May a particular host cannot handle the traffic on your website and that leads to frustration. So whether you want to switch or change your hosting provider, you have the convenience of WordPress. The CMS works with all kinds of servers and allows you to use any. And you do not have to be an experienced professional. This can easily be done without much hands-on expertise.

12- Low Maintenance Cost

In comparison with other users in the field, WordPress is relatively easier to maintain. It is cost effective and easy to customize. Customization and development is a breeze with WordPress. You don’t get stuck with a static website or a CMS that involves a lot of money to tweak.

You can save a lot of money while you struggle to get your website up and running. The same resources can be used in other aspects of the business. It is these low running costs that make many amateur businesses invest in WordPress rather than other systems available out there.


WordPress nowadays just keeps getting better and better day by day. Since the day it developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved a lot. The popularity of this CMS has never decreased till now; Rather it is gaining its popularity more than ever. And we are sure that it will rule for many years from now.

We hope this article answered your question about why you should use WordPress. However, the above-mentioned reasons are more than enough for you to choose WordPress as a CMS for your website. Please mention the other reasons you think about WordPress to be the best and comment it.

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